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RE: [linux-lvm] LVM

LVM List members:

	I have been doing some playing around and am not getting very far! Perhaps you can answer some questions and guide me.

I have 2 32GB HDs, which I can have both in use on my laptop simultaneously. The 2nd HD I can erase to my hearts content. It's a staging drive.

	My current configuration is:

	/dev/hda1	windows 2000 pro
	/dev/hda2	/	(Linux mandrake 8.0)

	I do not have a swap partition at the moment (I have 512MB of ram, and I use a swap file if I need too), and have everything installed into the root (I know the drawbacks of this, but it made for simplicity at the time). I also use ReiserFS, and want to implement LVM.

	The "How To" speaks of an example inclusive of a /boot partition and a swap partition. I ignored the swap partition, but was curious about the /boot partition in the how-to.

a) Do I need to have a separate /boot partition, or can I create an LVM implementation (for the moment) with everything in the root (/)?
b) The example seems to show the /boot being outside the LVM area, is that correct or does the how-to mean to show the /boot as being within the domain of the LVM controlled area?
c) How will using ReiserFS on my root partition and LVM over the root affect what I need to do for an initrd and kernel compilation options?

Once the LVM implementation is completed with everything in the / partition, and ReiserFS on the root, and it boots up, then I plan to break apart the / into separate filesystems within the LVM environment. At that point, recommendations of what filesystems to create will be helpful.

Very Respectfully, 

Stuart Blake Tener, IT3, USNR-R, N3GWG 
Beverly Hills, California
VTU 1904G (Volunteer Training Unit) 
stuart bh90210 net 
west coast: (310)-358-0202 P.O. Box 16043, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-2043 
east coast: (215)-338-6005 P.O. Box 45859, Philadelphia, PA 19149-5859 

Telecopier: (419)-715-6073 fax to email gateway via www.efax.com (it's free!) 


Wednesday, September 12, 2001 2:01 AM

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