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Re: [linux-lvm] Root on LV

-- Steve Pratt <slpratt us ibm com> on 09/17/01 09:26:12 -0500

>>> > dobos_s IBCnet hu wrote:
>>> > > My kernel has no modules.
>>> > > Why should I create an ext2 partition for holding an initrd which is
> not
>>> > > doing any essential things except vgscan and vgchange -ay ?
>>> You don't need vgscan at boot time unless the disks have moved around.
>>> You DO need "vgchange -a y" in order to load the LVM data into the
> kernel.
>> If you are running EVMS you don't need that.
>> But you need EVMS tools which are not available fo far :-(
> Actually that is not entirely true.  All of the volume group and physical
> volumes tools are done.  We have started on all of the logical volume
> commands.  We have stand alone utilities which minic the LVM ones, as well
> as a GUI which integrates LVM function with other volume management
> functions such as partitioning.

Q:  Why bother to put 64MB on an LVM?

The root volume doesn't grow much (make it 128MB and it'll never need to
If you ever have a problem with LVM you'll end up with an unbootable

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