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[linux-lvm] LVM help re:


pvscan tells me which PV belongs to which VG.
But I am wondering if the information as to
"which PVwas added to the VG in which order"
can also be determined.
In case of a disaster, the first added PV would most likely contain
all the information that's has been around longer (and so more


P.S: An 'ls' will not tell you in which order files/subfolders were
    created, but du or tar does.

P.S: Getting used to LVM reminds me of the days of early
        minivax/ultrix days (my first unix impressions), where each
        'rm' and 'mv' and 'cp' command was "entered" after 10
        deep breaths and 2 minutes of deep thought about what
        "that" command WILL do (when "entered" ofcourse!!).
        Not a criticism of LVM, just that the flexibility and new-ness
        of this concept lets one kill oneself so easily.
        Can't speak for the world, but I can't handle this
        kind of flexibilty and power.

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