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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM tool limitation on using whole disk

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Dustin Cooper wrote:

> You can make MD devices out of entire disks, but they won't be
> autodetected by the kernel.  For MD autodetection to work you have to have
> partitions of type 0xfd on your disks.
> If you still want to use whole disks, make sure /etc/raidtab is up to date
> and use raidstart before vgscan.

In that case i recon you should use a partition table just for simplity.
A partition table only wastes one disk block at the end of the day, you
going to lose much more space with lvm and the raid in rounding. I have to
admit I aways use a partition table even when a whole disk has been used
for lvm.

What kind of raid you going to use? Lvm does do striping and
Concatination on PEs. (forget what "numbers" those are called ;-)

Mirroring or raid 5 your going to have to use the the linux raid to make
those devices.


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