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Re: [linux-lvm] ext2resize error

> I have a Mandrake Linux 8.1 system with a 2.4.8 kernel.  My 
> logical volumes
> include /usr, /var and /home (not / or /boot).  I originally set up all
> lv(s) as ext3, which seemed to preclude the ext2_online patch.  My
> /dev/sys/usr lv shows 2.44 gig in lvdisplay.  My one PV shows 3616 free
> PEs.  df shows /usr to be 2,015,824 (k) and 96% utilized.  I run telinit 1
> then umount -a.  /usr unmounts.  I then run ext2resize /dev/sys/usr.  It
> returns "Your filesystem is too occupied to resize it to 16000 bytes."

The e2fsprogs package (the package which contains e2fsck etc.) has contained resize2fs ever since version 1.19 (13 July 2000).

resize2fs, being part of the e2fsprogs, is therefore the official ext2 resizer.

ext2resize and resize2fs are completely different in implementation although they (notionally) do the same job.

resize2fs was originally written to be part of a commercial product, but the contract allowed for it to be made open after a period of time.

In the meantime, the open community were desperate for an open ext2fs resizer, so ext2resize was written.

However resize2fs is the better tool.

I have personally found that ext2resize fails for filesystems over 64GiB in size.

Since an official tool has been available for over two years, I can't see how ext2resize would have received much attention in that time.

My advice would be to cut your losses and switch to the official, maintained, tool, resize2fs.


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