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[linux-lvm] help with quota and LVM

I'm running RedHat6.2 with kernel 2.2.19 and LVM 1.0.4 on ext2 file systems

I'm having problems with quota and LVM.

I can mount 2 different filesystems:
one is a plane-jane ext2 run-o-da-mill old-fashioned /dev/sda5 mount to /data FS
the other is a logical volume /dev/vg/lv /data2

The data on them is identical, thanks to my friend rsync.

The problem is that I cannot get quotas to work on the logical volume (it *is* mounted with usrquota - I'm not that dumb). I run 'edquota ben', make my changes and save it and all is happy. Then I run 'edquota ben' again and the data is still there. However, whenever I run 'quota ben' I only get info for the non-lvm filesystem. If the non-lvm FS is not mounted, then I get 'none'.

I know quotas work on my system, they work on all of the other filesystems. Is there something I'm missing about quota and LVM? I *NEED* this to work, and help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for feedback/replies/remarks/insults.

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