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[linux-lvm] Re: can't mount ext3 snapshot => needs_recovery flag always set on mounted ext3 partitions

Hi again,

Well, I've found out. The problem was the snapshot had been created
while the original volume had the "needs_recovery" flag set. If I
destroy the snapshot and recreate it when the original volume doesn't
have this flag, then I can mount the snapshot.

Now the remaining problem is that, _as soon as_ the original ext3 volume
is mounted, it has the "needs_recovery" flag. That means I cannot create
a usable snapshot volume without first unmounting the original volume
(because otherwise I won't be able to mount the snapshot volume). Is
there a way to work around this, so as to make snapshots without taking
anything down ?

(btw : maybe all this should be put in the documentation ;-))



> Furthermore, there is another error message on the console :
> EXT2-fs: lvm(58,1): couldn't mount because of unsupported optional
> features (4).
> Please note : the original LV the snapshot is taken on has the option
> "noatime" set. Could the problems come from this one ?

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