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Re: [linux-lvm] Trouble recovering physical volumes


in case the io path changed, you need to provide the "-o" option with
the former path to vgcfgrestore.
That should do the trick.
"vgcfgrestore -ll -n VGName -f BackupPath" tells you, which one that was.

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 12:42:50AM -0400, mikeywoll cox net wrote:
> I improperly shutdown my pc which resulted in a system  
> that would not boot.  The root partition is on a logical  
> volume called root (/dev/hda2) of the volume group vg1,   
> vg1 also contains a logical volume called home  
> (/dev/hda6).  Booting would freeze with a vg_read... 
> error.  I have another computer with lvm installed, and 
> the drive worked fine on there (I did not try it as the 
> booting drive).  Because I installed the drive in a 
> working computer, I have a working backup of the 
> lvmtab/lvmconf stuff. I followed instructions on this list 
> for restoring a lost volume.  (pvcreate -ff /dev/hda2..., 
> vgcfgrestore -n vg1 /dev/hda6, vgchange -ay) The restore 
> fails at vgcfrestore with the error "physical volume 
> /dev/hda6 doesn't belong to volume group vg1."  The 
> logical volume is no longer working in either system.  I 
> installed the broken drive in my working pc as the primary 
> master, and have a working system as the secondary master.  
> I can boot off the second drive, and work on the broken 
> lvm with the physical drive paths maintained.  I restored 
> my lvmtab, lvmtab.d, and lvmconf files by hand. 
> vgchange -ay gives the following error: 
> physical volume /.......lun0/part6 of volume group vg1 is 
> offline 
> physical volume /...../lun0/part6 of volume group vg1 is 
> inconsistent 
> vgchange -- run vgscan 
> Running vgscan runs as if there are no volume groups 
> defined, and overwrites the lvmtab/lvmconf stuff with 
> blank files. 
> running pvdata on the partitions shows the correct data 
> for my original setup, however it segfaults. 
> Is there any way to reset the physical volumes so that 
> vgcfgrestore can do its magic?? 
> thanks in advance for any help. 
> mike 
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