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Re: Re: [linux-lvm] How to best use LVM?

"For "reliability of data" I was thinking of using either ext3 or
reiserfs across a RAID set."

I have had some bad experience with ReiserFS but it was probably caused
by a low kernel version (2.4.16). Otherwise ReiserFS rocks when it comes
to resizing filesystems etc.
I would go with ext3 if I were you, I migrated to ext3 because of my
problems (kernel crash).
Don't use ReiserFS with kernels below version (and including) 2.4.16

I would have tested ReiserFS if I had the chance on a newer kernel but I
was not able (for several reasons) to upgrade to 2.4.18 or 2.4.19

Watching the ext3 mailing list, and with my own experiments, it seems to have problems under really high loads. ext2 is a neat idea but is probably less reliable than ext2 at this point. If you're bothering to go with RAID for the underlying hardware then the only system, ext2 is the only file system equally reliable as the hardware right now.

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