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[linux-lvm] LVM on top of a 3ware 7500-12 RAID5 set.

Well Paul,

You seems to want to add a lot of building blocks... I myself am planning
a structure with a single tower case (could be racked in 4U) with a
3ware Escalade 7500-12 which is capable of making a 12 Disk RAID5
volume. I'll probably do a 10x drives, 1x parity and 1x hotspare using
160Gb or 200Gb disk. (The OS is on a mirrored SCSI disk).

But when I start I'll probably only get 5 disk, and add disks to the system
as my need grow. This is where the LVM will help me expand the

I decided not to use ReiserFS, but I'm still pondering between Ext3 or
SGI's XFS. As the data on the Logical Volume will be large media

On a side note, the 3ware Escalade supports spin-up controls for
disk supporting it (only IBM drives have it). So you can slowly start
a system without blowing the power supply.


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