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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM on top of a 3ware 7500-12 RAID5 set.

>>>>> "LB" == Lewis Bergman <lbergman abi tconline net> writes:

LB> Could you let us know what kind of disk carriers you use? I have
LB> been looking to do this in a rackmount for a while but haven't
LB> been able to find a decently priced hot-swappable disk carrier
LB> yet.

Of course 3ware sells 2-space, 3-disk carriers, but they cost about
$200 apiece.  I have several and they are extremely sturdy.
Everything is metal, ventilation is very good and quality is quite
high.  Unfortunately the price can be a bit much.  I'd still recommend

If you're looking to rack things, I recommend just buying a case that
already has the bays installed.  I've used rackmountnet.com
(specifically the 16-disk 4U cases) and have been satisfied overall.
Some components of the bays are plastic and the design requires
adjustment of the bays and receiver for the specific drive type.
Since they stuff five drives in three (half-height) spaces, things are
much more cramped.  I did have a problem with one carrier not sliding
smoothly in one of the cases.

BTW, we discuss things like this at linux-ide-arrays lists math uh edu
(ping linux-ide-arrays-subscribe lists math uh edu to join).  It may
be a more appropriate forum than this list.

 - J<

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