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[linux-lvm] Everybody is good at something!

Hi there!

We have just launched a new website for all indviduals that need to have a job done now and then, and all others that want to offer their sevices.

For any job around the house, such as (small) REPAIRS, CLEANING, CHILD CARE, CONSTRUCTION etc. 

Do you need a baby sitter, a plumber, a gardener, a cleaning lady, a computer wizard, or a mechanic (etc)? 
Just take a look at http://www.handymanweb.com to find someone in your own neigborhood! 
Can't find anybody? Just post a FREE ad yourself!

Are you a handyman, a cleaning lady, a baby sitter, etc. or just have some time to spare?  
you can offer your services at http://www.handymanweb.com.
Post a FREE ad!

---Because EVERYBODY is good at SOMETHING.----

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