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[linux-lvm] 2.4.20-pre4 and lvm-1.0.5

I built 2.4.20-pre4 tonight and patched in lvm-1.0.5. My volume groups
fail to showup after and only after I built the modules. In other words
some module i've built is screwing up LVM. vgscan gives me a segmentation

If I move /lib/modules/2.4.20-pre4 out of the way so that no modules are
ever loaded at bootup, everything works fine with my volume groups. As
soon as I boot into the kernel with modules available I get segfaults
on both vgscan and pvscan. I haven't taken the time to track down exactly
which module it might be since i've got around 180 modules built, and
honestly I have no clue how to make even educated guess on it. I first
thought it was rtc.o since this was the only thing that was getting loaded
when the volume groups failed to show. However, I moved rtc.o out of the
modules directory, rebooted, vgscan still fails to run, and lsmod lists no
modules loaded.

Prior to this I was running 2.4.19-pre10 with lvm 1.0.4 patch. I
discovered I was still using lvm 1.0.1 utilities though up until the time
I built 2.4.20-pre4. I also swapped out the motherboard and CPU on the
system prior to rebuilding it, so the configuration changed somewhat.

I can boot back into 2.4.19-pre10 while still using lvm-1.0.5 utilities
and everything is fine.

Anyone have any clues where I might have gone wrong?:)

This is a debian sid system. Kernel was compiled with gcc-3.0.4. Binutils
2.11.2. Hardware is: athlon K7 950mhz CPU, Via KX133 type motherboard.
Along with the lvm patch that I created for this kernel in the lvm PATCHES
directory, I've also patched in a pptp patch (believe it only effects pppd
stuff) and the crypto patch

TIA for any help.


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