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[linux-lvm] Storix LVM Support

Storix Backup Adminsitrator Version 4.1.1 is available and provides full
support for LVM1 and LVM2. With SBA you can do a complete system backup
of a partition, LVM or RAID-based system and completely reconfigure the
system to migrate from partitions to LVM, and change just about anything
else needed to restore data to a completely different disk

The product is designed to encourage the use of LVM in place of
partitions, so I'd like very much to get some feedback on the product
from knowledgable LVM'ers. If you get a chance to review the software,
you can download a copy from http://www.storix.com/download.html. To
view the system installation guide with samples of the LVM configuration
screens, see http://www.storix.com/download/sbalinuxinst.pdf.

I look forward to any comments.

Anthony Johnson         1-619-702-6500
Storix Software         1-619-702-6501 (fax)
anthony storix com      http://www.storix.com

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