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re: [linux-lvm] EVMS

>I know that the latest xfs release (March) does not support EVMS with RAID
5 sets.

>There may be other problems with the pairing as well.

We have doing quite a bit of testing and have not seen any other issues
with using the 2 together.

>Both the EVMS and XFS teams are working to get this supported in the next
release.  >(That looks to be a couple of months away.)

All the code has been checked into CVS for the repective projects.  EVMS
also has a patch available on our website for XFS 1.1 to allow the 2 to
work together properly.

 >>>  Hi all,

 >>>  I stumbled across something from IBM called EVMS today and was
 >>>  wondering if anyone had used it, and if so, what they thought of it?
 >>>  How does it differ from LVM?

 >>>  Here's the URL:

 >>>      http://oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/evms

 >>>  It appears to be open source and is on Sourceforge as well.

 >>>  Thanks for any comments,
 >>>  --

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