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re[2]: [linux-lvm] Draft Snapshot Regression Test

 >>  On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 18:28, Greg Freemyer wrote:
 >>  > All,
 >>  > 
 >>  > I just sent the below snapshot regression test to the XFS mailing list
 >>  > 
 >>  > It is designed to run from the XFS test harness, but that it should be
 >>  easy to convert to be simply run by hand.
 >>  > 
 >>  > I have only tried it on a LVM 1.0.3 / xfs 1.1 / 2.4.19pre4-aa kernel and
 >>  it fails within 10 iterations every time.
 >>  > 

 >>  Greg, I have been running your test here on a 2.4.19-xfs kernel from our
 >>  CVS tree, using the LVM which is in the kernel. So far it is chugging
 >>  along quite happily without failure. Can you try this kernel?

 >>  Steve


Thanks for running it.  

I was afraid I would get that question.

I have never compiled a kernel, and I was specifically avoiding it until I got at least one "it works with cvs" message.  I guess I have that now.

It might take a day or two to get it done, but I will try to do so.

Greg Freemyer
Internet Engineer
Deployment and Integration Specialist
Compaq ASE - Tru64 v4, v5
Compaq Master ASE - SAN Architect
The Norcross Group

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