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RE: [linux-lvm] LVM and its alternatives

Title: RE: [linux-lvm] LVM and its alternatives


        Veritas has also ported their LVM to Linux (http://www.veritas.com/products/category/ProductDetail.jhtml?productId=volumemanagerwin&_requestid=32431), but I understand it's not open source or free. Along the same lines, Oracle is promoting what they call "Oracle File System" for Linux, which is a file system based on their RDBMS (not sure this will qualify as LVM though). Regards,

Daniel Barbar

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"Joubert, Kevin" said:

>I am brand new to this list and to LVM as well. I am currently putting
>together a talk about what can and can't be done today in the "Linux
>SAN" world, and apparently LVM from Sistina is the de facto standard for
>volume management.=20
>However, in order to provide a COMPLETE overview of the situation in the
>Linux SAN arena, I was wondering if there are any other alternatives,
>either proprietary or opensource, that can accomplish some, if not all,
>of the same things the Sistina's LVM provides.

Well, there is EVMS.  Though that's from IBM and I see your from HP,
so maybe you don't want know about it :)

Here's the link I have:


It looks really well done, and the HOWTO and FAQ are excellently
written (though they need a little better spell-checking :)

        It may look like I'm just sitting here doing nothing,
   but I'm really actively waiting for all my problems to go away.

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