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[linux-lvm] mounting ext3 snapshot occasionaly fails

I don't know whether the SuSE kernel has the VFS lock patch applied or >not - if
not then one for 2.4.19 is available in the LVM 1.0.6 source package.

I found the linux-2.4.19-VFS-lock.patch in the LVM 1.0.5 src package. However, it results to me that it is already included. Patch says:
Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!

Beside that, I can see the new symbols that come with the patch in my running kernel:
# cat /proc/ksyms | grep lockfs
c014cf90 fsync_dev_lockfs
c0151680 unlockfs

I was able to reproduce this with following steps:
lvcreate -L 100M -n lv1 $VG
mke2fs -j /dev/$VG/lv1
mkdir /mnt/fs1
mount -t ext3 /dev/$VG/lv1 /mnt/fs1
lvcreate -L 10M -n lv1_snap -s /dev/$VG/lv1
mkdir /mnt/fs1_snap
mkdir /mnt/fs1/dir
sleep 60
mount -t ext3 -r /dev/$VG/lv1_snap /mnt/fs1_snap

Please note that the change to the original file system is made *after* the snapshot is created, so this could be different problem.

thanks again

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