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[linux-lvm] snapshot file zombies

Hi dear list,

I created a snapshot from my /home to do my usual backup with tar.
Then I got 15 messages of the kind

  tar: lvm-snapshot/vollmer/Mail/inbox/,120:  can not stat, no permission
      (or so it's translated from german to englich by me)

doing a
  find /lvm-snapshot/vollmer/Mail/inbox/ -name ",120"
rsults in

so the file exists, but:
  ls -l   /lvm-snapshot/vollmer/Mail/inbox/,120
results in
  ls: /lvm-snapshot/vollmer/Mail/inbox/,120: Permission denied

get some infos via find:
  find /lvm-snapshot/vollmer/Mail/inbox/ -name ",120" -print "-A@"
results in:
  find: /lvm-snapshot/vollmer/Mail/inbox/,120: Permission denied

The "original file" ~vollmer/Mail/inbox/,120 is ok and readable.

Two weeks ago everything worked fine.

So what's wrong with it? Is my corrupted? (tar --compare seems to complain
only at those files).

I use SuSe 8.1, Logical Volume Manager 1.0.5(mp-v6)

With best regards


Dr.rer.nat. Juergen Vollmer, Viktoriastrasse 15, D-76133 Karlsruhe
Tel: +49(721) 9204871 Fax: +49(721) 24874
juergen informatik-vollmer de,vollmer cocolab de,Juergen Vollmer acm org

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