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[linux-lvm] I'm confused

Hopefully, the following "summary" will make sense.
piano:/data/family# vgscan vgscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...) vgscan -- found active volume group "vg0" vgscan -- "/etc/lvmtab" and "/etc/lvmtab.d" successfully created
vgscan -- WARNING: This program does not do a VGDA backup of your volume group

piano:/data/family# vgdisplay
--- Volume group ---
VG Name               vg0
VG Access             read/write
VG Status             available/resizable
VG #                  0
MAX LV                256
Cur LV                1
Open LV               1
MAX LV Size           255.99 GB
Max PV                256
Cur PV                1
Act PV                1
VG Size               109.77 GB
PE Size               4 MB
Total PE              28102
Alloc PE / Size       109 / 436 MB
Free  PE / Size       27993 / 109.35 GB
VG UUID               hC86w2-zjFf-x2gt-1GC4-LHET-6ieO-BiC5j5

piano:/data/family# lvscan lvscan -- ACTIVE "/dev/vg0/data" [436 MB] lvscan -- 1 logical volumes with 436 MB total in 1 volume group lvscan -- 1 active logical volumes

piano:/data/family# df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda2              1921188    672176   1151420  37% /
/dev/hda1                23302      4905     17194  23% /boot
/dev/vg0/data           446444    444448      1996 100% /data

I'm having trouble reconciling the 436MB of the "df" with the VG Size of vgdisplay. Obviously something is wrong somewhere. I KNOW I'm no where near using up my 120G drive yet.

For the record, this is a Debian Woody system running a 2.4.19 kernel.


David Corbin

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