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Re: [linux-lvm] I'm confused

VG Size 109.77 GB

Your volume group (vg0) is about 110GB (I gather the other 10GB of your
drive is allocated to other partitions).

Well, About 3 gig is other partions, and it appears to me that the other 7G is lost to making the raid device and various overheads (though that sure seems excessive).

Alloc PE / Size 109 / 436 MB

You've used up (allocated) 436MB of the volume group

Free PE / Size 27993 / 109.35 GB

You have still almost 110GB free (since you allocated only 436MB)

lvscan -- ACTIVE "/dev/vg0/data" [436 MB]

Your data partition is the only LV and that is using the 436MB used in vg0.

/dev/vg0/data 446444 444448 1996 100% /data

Your filesystem on /dev/vg0/data is using the entire 436MB of the partition. And its full.

The odd thing is that I'm sure I created the LV at a full 100% of the disk...

What you need to do now is extend your logical volume to allocate more
space to it. Then resize the filesystem. If you have an ext2/ext3
filesystem, you use "e2fsadm --size ...". If you have xfs, you use
"xfs_growfs ...". I dont know about other filesystem types.

eg. to add 10G to your data partition (assuming xfs - that's what I use):
# lvextend --size +10G /dev/vg0/data
# xfs_growfs /dev/vg0/data

df(1) should now show a large filesystem with much more space.

I did as you suggested, and used "resize_reiserfs". It seems better, but we shall see if it changes on me again...

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