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Re: [linux-lvm] / on LVM2


we don't support root on LVM2 yet :(

On SuSE what you want to do that still _and_ have an LVM2/device-mapper
emergency boot media at hand if something goe wrong it goes along
these (untested!) lines:

- have device-mapper and LVM2 tools installed

- in case you want to go with the device-mapper module:
  - add dm-mod to your /etc/sysconfig/kernel
  - build/install a kernel qith dm-mod
  - run mkinitrd

- add "modprobe dm-mod" etc. to the created initrd:
  - gzip -dc /boot/initrd>initrd.wrk
  - mount -oloop /boot/initrd.wrk /mnt
  - echo -e "lvm vgscan\nlvm vgchange -ay" >> /mnt/linuxrc
  - cp -p /sbin/lvm /mnt/sbin
  - cp -sp /lib/libdevmapper* /mnt/lib
  - umount /boot/initrd.qrk
  - gzip -c /boot/initrd.wrk>/boot/initrd
  - lilo
  - rm /boot/initrd.wrk

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 08:32:11PM +0100, Markus Weiss wrote:
> Hello everbody,
> I ran into a problem testing LVM2 on my system.
> I have / on LVM, and booting into kernel 2.5.50 (with dm compiled in,
> libdevmapper and LVM2-tools installed) fails, because the kernel cannot mount 
> the root fs. I have tried building an initrd using SuSE's mk_initrd and 
> lvmcreate_initrd, but I get the same problem.
> Do these scripts have to be modified in any way to work with LVM2 ?
> (something like calling devmap_mknod.sh at some point ?)
> Thanks for any advice,
> Markus
> PS:
> Please cc me, as I'm not subscribed
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