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Re: [linux-lvm] Error with 2.5.50-dm-2; vanilla OK

AAACKK - I spoke too soon. This is with 00005.patch backed out.
If I use 00005.patch the same problem occurs.

activate/dev_manager.c:431 Loading vg00-LVmisc
activate/dev_manager.c:622 Adding target: 0 20963328 linear /dev/hdb6 20980088
activate/dev_manager.c:622 Adding target: 20963328 20979712 linear /dev/hdb7 8
ioctl/libdevmapper.c:372 dm create vg00-LVmisc SsC7qFJb43vh72TctLwlpUiPvx1Hr3h
ioctl/libdevmapper.c:375 device-mapper ioctl cmd 2 failed: Invalid argument
activate/dev_manager.c:471 Couldn't load device 'vg00-LVmisc'.

Richard Chan wrote:

I'd like to report that the problem I encountered with 2.5.50-dm-2 (
on LV not mounted, ioctl error) has been fixed in 2.5.51-dm-1. I can
now get all my LVs with it.

Thanks Joe, whatever you did works a charm.


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