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[linux-lvm] (OT) Backups (was Re: LVM reimplementationre ady for beta testing...)

Off-topic: multivolume tar archive + CDROM == pain!

For those home backup solutions, don't ever listen to anyone who tells
you that doing multivolume tar archives on CDROM is a good idea.  It
isn't!  I know this from experience! ;-)  It's very painful.  CDROM's
are much better used as random access devices as opposed to linear.  tar
!= random access :. tar != good backup solution w/CDROM media.  Maybe
tar'ing up smaller chunks of files that != multivolume would be ok ;-).

Instead, make a good plan of attack for backing up files based on their
volatility and importance.  With CDROM's as a media, think regularily
scheduled full backups of selected data groups.

There are a few things I like to back up frequently:

        * $HOME (excluding things like netscape cache or download directory)
        * /var/cvs/$repositories
        * dpkg --get-selections > /var/backup/dpkg-selections.list
        * /var/backup/*
        * /etc/*
        * /var/lib/$pkgmgrfiles
        * /var/log/$newlogfiles

Things I back up infrequently:

        * *.{gif,png,jpg,mov,mp3,mpeg,ogg} # etc
        * /home/ftp/pub/*
        * /var/log/$oldlogfiles

Actually, I try to burn the ogg and mp3 files to disc immediately.
Sometimes I get smart and include the source code or binary code for the
a media player.

Anyway, back to your regularily scheduled off-topic thread. ;-)

Chad Walstrom <chewie wookimus net>                 | a.k.a. ^chewie
http://www.wookimus.net/                            | s.k.a. gunnarr
Get my public key, ICQ#, etc. $(mailx -s 'get info' chewie wookimus net)

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