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[linux-lvm] error in mounitng snapshot LVs


I've been using LVM for an year now... and have had almost no problems
with it...

Lately, i decided to start using snapshots to backup some data. I
created snapshot volumes as per the lvcreate man page and the
LVM-HOWTO on the sistina web site... however, i get stuck everytime i
try to moung the snapshot...

mount gives the following error:

anubhav:~# mount /dev/data/snap_work /mnt
mount: block device /dev/data/snap_work is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/data/snap_work,
       or too many mounted file systems

lvdisplay output is as follows:

anubhav:~# lvdisplay /dev/data/snap_work
--- Logical volume ---
LV Name                /dev/data/snap_work
VG Name                data
LV Write Access        read only
LV snapshot status     active destination for /dev/data/work
LV Status              available
LV #                   5
# open                 0
LV Size                2.50 GB
Current LE             640
Allocated LE           640
snapshot chunk size    64.00 KB
Allocated to snapshot  0.00% [0/590.62 MB]
Allocated to COW-table 9.38 MB
Allocation             next free
Read ahead sectors     10000
Block device           58:8

I'm attaching the output of vgdisplay -v /dev/data in a gzipped file...
so as not to clutter this email...

I am using kernel version 2.4.17 with LVM version 1.0.2. I've applied
all the kernel patches correctly. And i'm using ReiserFS as the
filesystem. The mount version that i am using is: mount-2.11n

can anyone guide me as to where i am going wrong...??



Abhas Abhinav		   | Free Software at its product-ive best.
CEO, DeepRoot Linux
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