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Re: [linux-lvm] error in mounitng snapshot LVs

On Feb 06, 2002  11:58 +0100, Pierrick PONS wrote:
> Andreas wrote:
> > You need the "VFS-lock" patch, from the LVM CVS repository.
> I'm under 2.4.17, which patch do I have to get to use snapshot ? The 
> linux-2.4.11-VFS-lock.patch or linux-2.4.18-VFS-lock.patch ?

Probably 2.4.11 is the right one.

> Can I use whatever file system I want for snapshots ?

Journaling filesystems need a special interface, but reiserfs, ext3, and
XFS all support this interface.  For non-journaled filesystems, it will
just sync the device, but this is not 100% guaranteed to make the fs
consistent.  Also, when you mount an ext2 filesystem it will report the
filesystem as dirty, but it will still mount, unlike ext3.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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