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Re: [linux-lvm] Backup costs (was: LVM reimplementationre)

On Feb 06, 2002  14:14 -0500, Benjamin Scott wrote:
>   Here are some prices from a recent Datacomm Warehouse catalog:
>   Item            GB   Cost  $/GB
>   --------------  ---  ----  ----
>   IDE HDD         100   270  2.70
>   AIT2             50    90  1.80
>   SuperDLT        110   150  1.36
>   LTO Ultrium     100   130  1.30
>   DDS-4            20    24  1.20
>   As you can see, hard disk is actually the most expensive media, not the
> least.  This whole "hard disks are cheaper" thing is a myth propagated by
> people who have never actually looked at the numbers.

You don't include the cost of the tape drive, which is often high, while
the cost of the IDE drive has no such additional cost.

>   Sure, backups cost money.  You might spend $1500 on a data protection
> scheme for a small office server.  Of course, consider how much it would
> cost if they did not do that.  I know business that have *gone out of
> business* when they lost their only copy of mission-critical data.
>   $1500 vs bankruptcy.  Gee, tough call.
>   Anyone who has ever bothered to work out the numbers knows that backups
> are a bargain.  People who think otherwise are either ignorant or just plain
> don't want to know the truth.

Oh, I totally agree.  I used to work for IBM and met a lot of people who
lost their hard drive data.  I personally do a lot of backups these days.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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