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Re: [linux-lvm] Backup costs (was: LVM reimplementationre)

James Mello wrote:

> > > Petabytes are another matter entirely. If you must absolutely have that
> > > much data backed up, you start looking at more exotic solutions. Backing
> > > up solely to disk is *way* to expensive, hence the wonderful, but of
> > > poorly implemented idea of HSM.... Disk and tape :)
> >
> > Yes, HSM has never panned out the way it was supposed to.
> > However, try backing up Petabytes with tape in a reasonable
> > amount of time. While I've never configure such a system,
> > the numbers from systems I have seen indicate that disk is
> > much cheaper than tape (even if tape is a feasible solution
> > because of speed).
> HSM systems that I've seen work generally used some form of nearline disk
> storage and an *HUGE* array of tape drives to write too (100+ tape
> drives). The data went to near line storage (which they only held for
> like 24 hours) and was then written to the tape. The deal is, the more
> data you *must* save, the more money you *must* spend.


I've never had good luck keeping HSM systems up
for very long. The ones I have experience with liked to lock
up at least once a week and the software never liked to be
restarted - had to reboot the whole box.


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