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Re: [linux-lvm] Backup costs (was: LVM reimplementationre)

Hi, Anders:

Anders Widman wrote:

Well, have you ever heard of diskcabbinettes? I use them alot wich means I don't have to have 10 disks in the same coputer at the same time. Then what, hot swap? Well this is very much possible, and secure (look at Promise.com).

IDE disk drives are very cheap and fast enough (Maxtor 160GB has a write performance of about 35MB/s in average) for most purposes and does not require special hardware or software.

Well... let's consider all aspects. I'm a sysadmin the kind of BOFH, so late in the evening I usually find myself a bit overloaded on beer. Specially on friday, if I have to stay at work past 5PM I have the irresistible temptation to go to the closet and piss*1 on the diskcabbinet.

Guess what? when I do so *all* our backup media (your IDE disks) goes nuts at a time.

For a backup policy you *must* take appart the media from the on-line data to be protected. Having all your backup media in a single place is *BAAAAAAAD* idea (TM).

Now, start moving from the cabinet to the in-place closet your disks one day and another, and to the off-site closet at least once a month, and tell me you won't need to replace your disks on a shorter basis than your DTLs or DDSs.

*1: Standard dramatization in place. I *don't* do that (specilly true if my boss is reading this article X^D )
jesus_navarro promofinarsa es

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