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Re: [linux-lvm] Logical Volume disappears

On Feb 07, 2002  10:20 -0800, Wolfe, Gordon W wrote:
> I needed to make a public repository for the contents of five CD's, so I
> set up a Linux server using SuSE 2.2.16 on S/390 under z/VM.  For five
> CD's, I figured two volumes ought to hold the contents.  An rpm query
> shows lvm-0.8-157, which is what came with the SuSe distribution.

OK, well lvm-0.8 is _very_ old and undoubtably has a _huge_ number of
bugs.  You should be able to use the recent LVM version on 2.2 kernels

> > I manually umounted /dev/vgcd/lvcd, shut down and rebooted Linux.
> After the reboot, the device /dev/vgcd/lvcd does not exist.
> vgscan says "vgscan -- no volume groups found"
> pvscan says "pvscan -- no valid physical volumes found"

You probably need to add the names of the DASD devices to the list
that LVM searches.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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