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Re: [linux-lvm] using 160GB IDE drives under linux with LVM.

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 10:33:46PM +0100, Terje Kvernes wrote:
>   fdisk is only able to address 128GiB, that's rather obvious.  if I
>   make one partition, 

Why make a partition at all?  Why not just make a physical volume out of
the whole disk?

       pvcreate - initialize a disk or partition for use by LVM

       pvcreate  [-d|--debug] [-f[f]|--force [--force]] [-y|--yes] [-h|--help]
       [-v|--verbose] [-V|--version] PhysicalVolume [PhysicalVolume...]

       pvcreate initializes PhysicalVolume for later use by the Logical Volume
       Manager  (LVM).   Each  PhysicalVolume  can  be a disk partition, whole
       disk, meta device, or loopback file.  For DOS disk partitions, the par­
       tition  id  must be set to 0x8e using fdisk(8), cfdisk(8), or a equiva­
       lent.  For whole disk devices only the partition table must be  erased,
       which will effectively destroy all data on that disk.  This can be done
       by zeroing the first sector with:

       dd if=/dev/zero of=PhysicalVolume bs=512 count=1

       Continue with vgcreate(8) to create a new volume group on  PhysicalVol­
       ume,  or vgextend(8) to add PhysicalVolume to an existing volume group.

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