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Re: [linux-lvm] using 160GB IDE drives under linux with LVM.

2002-02-08 01:45:50, Petro <petro auctionwatch com> wrote:

>On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 01:30:50AM +0100, Anders Widman wrote:
>> 2002-02-08 00:47:16, Petro <petro auctionwatch com> wrote:
>> >On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 05:05:27PM -0600, Kirby C. Bohling wrote:
>> >> Why is he brave, it is just a converted 2.4.15-pre5 with a change to the 
>> >> version number if I remember correctly that has a filesystem bug when 
>> >> you umount during a reboot.  As long as he doesn't reboot and/or umount 
>> >> his data is save. :-)
>> >    I thought there were more changes than that. 
>> >    2.5.x is the development series, not the stable series. 
>> Not that the 2.4.x series is very stable anyway, with problems of different sorts (APIC for example)..
>    And problems with the high memory VM (DAMHIK), and...
>    But if the stable series isn't, how is the unstable going to be
>    better? 

Of course they are not. But if you are having problems with one kernel and can't get around it it might be a good idea to test another kernel...

Oh, by the way... have a look at http://www.linux-ide.org/ -...


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