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[linux-lvm] Re: Oops unmounting snapshot of xfs filesystem

> Kernel 2.4.16 with 12/14/01 xfs CVS.
There has been heaps of work with respect to XFS and LVM since December last 
year; therefore, I recommend that you try the current 2.4.17-xfs CVS.  If you 
don't like CVS kernels then use the split patches for 2.4.17-xfs (these 
however, won't have all the latest bug fixes).

I am running 2.4.17-xfs (CVS) with LVM-1.0.2 with the xfs_fs_freeze patch and 
I'm not seening your exact problem.  However, there is a bug at the moment 
that doesn't flush all inodes to disk on a freeze so the snapshot is not 
consistant.  The SGI guys are working on this at the moment.

PS.  I think the xfs_fs_freeze patch is actually in the CVS now.

> LVM CVS of 1/21/02 (functionally identical to 1.0.2, I believe).
> LVM's linux-2.4.11-VFS-lock.patch.
> xfs_fs_freeze() patch posted by Eric Sandeen.

Adrian Head

(Public Key available on request.)

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