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Re: [linux-lvm] pvmoving from a pv with bad sectors

It appears I didn't try rescuing the data a moment too soon, as the
drive stopped giving me data shortly after writing that message..

And as I predicted, /dev/archive is gone. Is there a way to retrieve
it, I imagine the lost device physically had only one logical volume
in it?  The device had 20 gigabytes of data. I imagine reiserfs cannot
handle so big holes in filesystem, so I'll just hope the hole hits one
of the smaller, backed up logical volumes instead of the one, huge,
non-backed up volume :).

The output of vgscan -d is available at
http://xulfad.inside.org/~flux/vgscan . Also the latest backup of LVM
is at http://xulfad.inside.org/~flux/archive.conf .

I imagine I need to somehow remove the invalid device from the volume
group, but as I cannot even activate it, it cannot be done with
default utilities? Also the now-gone-and-disconnected physical volume
contained some data, and cannot be removed from the volume group
before the VG knows the device is empty. I can propably get a new disc
next week, would that make things easier?

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