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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm cannot vgchange -a y _pv_get_number failed for rdev = 65535

Well, this means that your copy on write exception table got toasted :-(

Check out top of LVM CVS at www.sistina.com (follow guidelines for CVS access
provided there) which contains a "-r" (or --remove_snapshots) option for
vgscan. That option removes *all* snapshots of all or a particular VG
at VG activation time so that vgchange can activate VGs afterwards.

For eg. "vgscan -r vg00" would try to activate all VGs and
remove all snapshots in the VG named "vg00".

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 11:17:15AM +0100, Lars-Gunnar Ellenberg wrote:
> hi,
> I found only three matches, two postings, for this, and no solution. may
> be you solved this problem back then, and can tell me about it.
> I cannot vgchange -a y :
> _pv_get_number_failed for rdev = 65535
> _lvm_snapshot_fill_COW_page failed
> (I once toyed around with a snapshot, but never used it actually, and
> obviously never removed it again)
> so is there an "easy" solution except recreating the whole thing and
> hoping for some recent backup (which I doubt...)
> if theres no solution, is there a way to dd the data somewhere
>  and mount -o loop it to get the data back?
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>  -- Lars                                                (o o)
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