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[linux-lvm] LVM Redhat 7.2 : Volume Group not activated on boot


I have this problem that I hope some of you out there might be able to help with ?

My problem is on boot of the machine I get a error from the mount process that it can not mount and check my file system
"/dev/vg01/vg01lv01" and a option to go into singe user mode where I can se that the "vgchange -a y" is not run to activate
the volume group. I have looked at the rc.sysinit and there is this entry that should activate all defined volume groups.
Have any of you out in cyberspace seen the same problem with Redhat 7.2 ?

cut from the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit :

# LVM initialization
if [ -e /proc/lvm -a -x /sbin/vgchange -a -f /etc/lvmtab ]; then
action $"Setting up Logical Volume Management:" /sbin/vgscan && /sbin/vgchange -a y

My setup :

HP Omnibook 6000 laptop
Redhat 7.2
I have installed the "new" 2.4.17 Linux kernel
VLM support works (That is I can create lv's and I use ext3 file system on them)
I have added my lvm to fstab and are able to mount/umount the file system without problems

cut from fstab :

/dev/vg01/vg01lv01 /home5/pgram/dev ext3 defaults 1 2



Peter Gram

Phone : +45 2527 7107
Fax   : +45 4466 8856

Miracle A/S
Kratvej 2
2760 Målev

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