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Re: [linux-lvm] snapshot safetynet?

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Steve Wray wrote:

> Ok, heres a thought;
> Resizing filesystems is a risky operation,
> by and large, especially shrinking them.
> So I had the thought;
> Take a snapshot of the filesystem to shrink,
> use fs tools and lvm tools to shrink it,
> if it goes wrong, restore the snapshot!

I'vd done something similar. I use a patch to enable writes on snapshots.
Once I had to shrink a root filesytem on LVM. I created an writeable
snapshot, rebooted with the snapshot as root filesystem. Thisway the real 
root fs wasn't mounted and I could shrink it without problems.

> Will it work tho? I'm wondering it lvreduce
> will get confused about the snapshot or if
> the snapshot system will cope with such a huge
> change...
No problem. But I use a patched LVM to allow writeable snapshots.

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