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Re: [linux-lvm] is devfs required?

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 02:36:02PM +0000, Vincent AE Scott wrote:
> i'm using LVM on a 2.4.17-19mdk kernel patched up to 1.0.3
> it *appears* that when i boot up without devfs support, i frequently
> cant create/extened/mount filesystems.  but when i boot up with devfs
> support it seems to work.
> is devfs required to use LVM?
i am also using 2.4.17-19mdk + LVM
the issue is not with the kernel portion but with the tools portion
if you start using lvm with devfs you are stuck with it and vice-versa.
i proposed a workaround about 13 months ago, but never actually got
to code it. :(

> without it, ive seen lvcreate SEGV when attempting to create a new
> volume.  
which version of the tools are u using?
if it is current can you provide a debug output?
if you want to build an rpm for recent tools fetch spec and
patch from http://www.comedia.it/bluca/lvm and adapt it
to 1.0.3 (will upgrade the site soon)
the mkinitrd stuff does not work with 2.4.17-19mdk and xfs

> or are there any known problems with using LVM on an SMP host?  i cant
> think of anything else that might be causing these strange problems.
no known issues.


Luca Berra -- bluca comedia it
        Communication Media & Services S.r.l.
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