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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: lvm 1.0.3, kernel 2.4.17 and the libs...

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 05:28:38PM -0500, Daniel Savard wrote:
> I managed to get the vgcfgrestore execute using the executable in the
> lvm-build tree. I still don't know why the installed executable is
> missing a definition for the opt_ignore (this is a variable that seems
> to be used by pv_move() and introduced around mid February according to
> the source files).

Did you do a clean build?
That should avoid the missing definition.

> The operation cannot be completed. I will explain my big mistake and I
> would like to know if something can be try to recover from this or if I
> must check this as an unrecoverable error.
> I was making some changes in order to move my partitions to LV in my VG.
> The idea was to recover as much space as possible from my drive, making
> all remaining partitions continguous and creating a new partition marked
> for LVM and add the new partition to the VG in order to migrate as much
> stuff as possible into the VG.
> So, I was to the point I needed to create a partition contiguous to the
> other one, move stuff on it, delete the old one and recover contiguous
> space for the future LVM partition to be added to the VG. I add just
> remove an obsolete partition, say /dev/sda6, my existing LVM partition
> was /dev/sda8, so the partition numbers were decreased by one for all
> partitions above 6 as usual, I then created a new partition which became
> /dev/sda8 and the LVM partition was the /dev/sda7. Everything would be
> just fine if I didn't forget to reboot the machine before proceeding
> with the following:
> I did mkfs.ext2 on /dev/sda8 !!! However, this was still pointing to my
> LVM partition even if fdisk was not showing this.
> The big question: Is it still possible to recover some data from the LVM
> partition which was the only partition in my VG?
> If yes, HOW.
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