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Re: [linux-lvm] filesystem corruption...

> On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 09:35:53AM +0100, Anders Widman wrote:
>> >> On Wednesday, February 27, 2002 04:42:28 PM -0700 Andreas Dilger <adilger clusterfs com> wrote:
>> >>> On Feb 27, 2002  23:36 +0100, Anders Widman wrote:
>> >>>> Unfortunatley, something went seriously wrong. I can't mount the disk
>> >>>> any more, or use reiserfsck. They (mount/reiserfsck) say there isn't
>> >>>> a valid filesystem on the device. Vgscan does however find all devices
>> >>>> and can activate the volume group, but reiserfsck doesn't work.
>> >>>> 
>> >>>> What should I do to be able to save a s much data as possible?
>> >>> 
>> >>> dd if=/dev/vg/lv of=/new/disk conv=sync,noerror
>> >> Then we should be able to use debugreiserfs and reiserfsck to 
>> >> find a copy of the super in the log, or just recreate it.
>> >> -chris
>> > So. How much space would this require on the 'new' disk? The same
>> > amount as the entire LV? If that is, it would be impossible (for me,
>> > economically) to do this.
>> > The disk with bad blocks is 80GB, and I have a "spare" 80GB disk, but
>> > not more.
>> > //Anders
>> Oh, I forgot to ask how I can recover the filsystem
>> header/suprtblock.. What exactly is "dd if=/dev/vg/lv of=/new/disk
>> conv=sync,noerror" doing to the data, except copying it to the new
>> device?

> It copies all it can read to another sane device so that youe don't loose
> more data if your drive turns worse.

> After that, you want to use "reiserfsck --rebuild-sb /dev/vg/lv".

Ok. Unfortunatley, I can't get enough storage to copy all data. Would
it be possible to just copy the data from the broken disk to a new,
identical disk (I have a "spare" disk of the same model), and then
rebuild the filsystem?

Thanks for your time!


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