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Re: [linux-lvm] Cluster LVM

> Having a single master is a _terrible_ idea, since this would mean that
> if that node is down you are unable to change the VG until/if it is back
> working again.
> Rather use a DLM (as the other poster suggested) and a client needs to
> get a lock on the VG in order to change anything.  You can start with
> a lock per VG and one per shared PV not in a VG, and then go more fine
> grained if you want (e.g. write lock on VG and specific LV being changed,
> which does not block users of other LVs).  In the end, because you are
> not changing a VG configuration very often, and it doesn't take very long
> when you do (excluding pvmove), the big lock is probably enough.
> Cheers, Andreas


I was unclear about my ideas. Having the one big log is probably all you ever need, since all manipulations on a lv or a pv in a vg have impact on the vg.

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