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Re: [linux-lvm] Cluster LVM

we have studied the DLM of IBM and basically we are
impleneting a similar concept.we have a lock manger
daemon at the administartor and a client daemon at the
nodes.The main aim is to maintain the consistency of
the metadata.When tools are run they run with a lock
and and at that time the filesystem cannot access the
volume groups.
also at the release of lock vgscan at all nodes leads
to the updation of the metadata.


--- Remco Post <r post sara nl> wrote:
> > The VG being locked is not _that_ terrible - after
> all - you only need
> > this to change your storage configuration (I don't
> expet the LVM to
> > actually lock access to the device).
> What happens with a lvextend? I guess it's perfectly
> possible to extend an lv while the other node(s) in
> the cluster are accessing it. Or are ther any
> problems? Problems that arise during the fs-grow
> operation are up to the fs anyway, right?
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