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Re: [linux-lvm] Fixing corrupted LVM PV headers?

At 02:27 PM 3/01/2002 -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
Well, this seems to become my specialty:


- If the PV sizes do not match, you also need to fix pe_on_disk.size, pv_size,
  pe_total, and pe_start (maybe).  I can tell you how to do this also, but
  it is complicated so I'd rather not unless needed.
- At this point, vgscan should be able to detect the whole VG.  If the
  pe_on_disk.size value (and/or pe_start) is wrong, then you will get
  misaligned data for your filesystems that have data on that PV, and you
  have to work out the correct value.

OK, I've done all this. pvdata now displays correct information, and vgscan picks
up the volume groups with no problems. My /var, /var/share and /var/chroot all seem
to mount fine, but my /usr has inconsistencies, and my /home won't mount due to
a bad XFS magic number. I assume that this is because the pe_on_disk.size is
wrong or something.

The only structure that I had to resurrect was the pv_disk_t, and for most of
this I have simply copied values from the other pv structs, with the exception
of pv_uuid, pv_major, pv_number, pe_allocated and also pv_size (hda6 is actually
32KB larger than hda[78] - hda6 is 8,388,576K, hda[78] are both 8,388,544K).
I haven't changed pe_on_disk.size or pe_total. These PV's were created with
the 0.9.1beta6 lvm tools, so from what I can see from the 0.9.1beta6 lvm.h,
pe_start didn't exist at that time ... for all the other PV's on my system pv_start
is set to 0, so I assume it should be the same for hda6.

I couldn't work out how to find out the value for lv_cur, as this must be the number
of LVs that use the PV, and I couldn't find a way to work this out. I've set it to 1 at
the moment, but that might need to be 2 as both my /usr and /home volumes seem
like they are using the hda6 PV. Any further comments appreciated.



Timshel Knoll <timshel pobox com>
Debian GNU/Linux developer, email <timshel debian org>

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