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Re: [linux-lvm] Fixing corrupted LVM PV headers?

At 02:27 PM 3/01/2002 -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:

- If the PV sizes do not match, you also need to fix pe_on_disk.size, pv_size,
  pe_total, and pe_start (maybe).  I can tell you how to do this also, but
  it is complicated so I'd rather not unless needed.
- At this point, vgscan should be able to detect the whole VG.  If the
  pe_on_disk.size value (and/or pe_start) is wrong, then you will get
  misaligned data for your filesystems that have data on that PV, and you
  have to work out the correct value.

Don't worry about my last email, I have got this working now YAY! :-) (apologies
for the caps - I'm just getting a little carried away here). Thanks very much
for your help. I traced through the code in tools/lib/pv_setup_for_create.c and
tools/lib/vg_setup_for_create.c in the old 0.9.1beta6 LVM distribution, and from
the code in vg_setup_for_create I worked out that the pe_on_disk.size value was
the offending value - the other two similar PVs had a value of 0x3d1e00, but it
should have been 0x3d9c00 for hda6. So /usr and /home both mount properly now.
I still don't know what lv_cur should be - probably just 2? Oh well, not to worry now,
I should get some sleep - only got 3 hours before I have to get up :-(

Thanks for all the help,


-- Timshel Knoll <timshel pobox com> Debian GNU/Linux developer, email <timshel debian org>

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