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Re: [linux-lvm] SuSe 7.3 snapshot / reiserfs /

I believe, if you check, that SuSE already has applied thispatch for you.  If LVM
snapshot fails with Reiser, then you should send an email to the SuSE list, as
they would want to know that they left it out.

 - Herman

Jürgen Vollmer wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I follow this list a little, and have read that I have to apply some patches to
> the kernel in order to create snapshots with a reiserfs.
> Now my question:
> Could somebody send me some kind of HOWTO to update my kernel as as given by
> SuSe 7.3 (they always apply some patches to the kernel).  Since I have applied
> kernel patches in earlier times (kernel 0.9x) and compilation quite often, I do
> not need a kernel-compilation HOWTO, but one which specifies which patches do I
> need (for a SuSe 7.3-SMP-kernel!), in which order should they applied, where do
> I get them etc.
> Thanks in advance, and sorry for asking for a HOWTO, reading the list more
> closely whould help too (I think) but my business (as a freelance) is to write
> compilers, parsers etc....
> With best regards
> Jürgen
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