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Re: [linux-lvm] reiserfs oops at init

On Monday, January 14, 2002 08:36:36 AM -0700 Chris Worley
<cworley liberate com> wrote:

> I installed SuSE 7.3 on a new disk at the end of December, using LVM and a
> reiserfs as a root partition.
> I've been having problems with the ide controller and this disk, causing
> many lock-ups.
> I put the new disk on the secondary controller (which, lvm shouldn't care
> that the disk has changed from hdb to hdd), and the DMA/interrupt problems
> seem to end... and a new problem begins: I can't boot this partition as
> root.  The kernel still boots off /dev/hda1, and the initrd runs, and finds
> the moved volume without any errors, but "init" immediately oopses (after
> reporting it's version number) with "invalid operand: 0000"...  I'm
> guessing this is coming from the reiserfs (sorry for asking this question
> to the lvm group, I don't know a good reiserfs list server).

reiserfs-list namesys com ;-)

> I can boot with "init=/bin/sh".  I've run "reiserfsck" with the "--check"
> and "--fix*" options... and there are a lot of errors, and it ends saying
> there are ten errors that can be fixed with "--rebuild-tree" (which I can't
> run with the disk mounted). the "--rebuild-sb" option trys to run, but
> immediately aborts.

Ok, first grab the latest reiserfsck 3.x.1a from
ftp.namesys.com/pub/reiserfsprogs.  What you probably need to do is boot off
the suse CD, and then you'll be able to run reiserfsck --rebuild-tree on your
unmounted root drive.

I'd put the new fsck on a floppy, and run it from there.

If you want to send the errors from reiserfsck --check, I can confirm things
a little better.


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