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[linux-lvm] Re: [RFLART] kdev_t in ioctls

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Alexander Viro wrote:
> 	Linus, at least some ioctls (e.g. lvm ones) pass kdev_t from/to
> userland.  While the common policy with ioctls is "anything goes", this
> kind of abuse is IMNSHO over the top.

That's completely bogus.

The good news is that the bit-for-bit representation of old kdev_t and
"dev_t" are obviously 100% the same, so we should just make the damn thing
be dev_t, and user land will never notice anything.

So we can just change all structures that are exported to user land to use
"dev_t", and add the required conversion magic. Possibly by duplicating
the structure, and having "used_lvm_struct_x" and functions to read and
write them from/to user space.

> Public statement along the lines "any API that passes kdev_t values
> across the kernel boundary is unacceptable" would be a nice thing...

Consider that done. ANYTHING that exports kdev_t to user space is
incredibly broken, and will not work in a few months when the actual bit
representation (and size) will change.

Do we have any lvm people willing to fix this? (linux-lvm cc'd, but I know
they've been very silent on the 2.5.x changes so far)


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