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[linux-lvm] pvcreate error

Title: pvcreate error

Dear All,

I just installed a new system and I installed the latest 2.4.16 kernel and the latest LVM tool 1.0.1-rc4. I established a software RAID-5 device(md) and wanted to create a logical volume group on it(as I did with 2.4.7 kernel on another system). However, when I issued the command I got the following error:

# pvcreate -v /dev/md2
pvcreate -- locking logical volume manager
> pvcreate -- checking physical volume name "/dev/md2"
> pvcreate -- getting physical volume size
> pvcreate -- checking partition type
> pvcreate -- creating new physical volume
> pvcreate -- setting up physical volume for /dev/md7 with 0 sectors
> pvcreate -- ERROR "parameter error" setting up  physical volume "/dev/md2"

I checked the archives where I saw suggestion to patch the LVM tool, but I don´t think that is related to the latest version.

What is the problem? Should I downgrade to 2.4.7?

Thanks in advance,

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