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Re: [linux-lvm] reiserfs oops at init

Chris Mason wrote:

If you want to send the errors from reiserfsck --check, I can confirm
things a little better.

It's going to be a big file... do you just want the tail?

Lets start with the tail, my internet connection isn't that hot right now.

Every error I could see was of the form:

bad_directory_item: block 141874: item 698385 744805 0x1 DIR (3), len 350, location 2576 entry count 14, fsck need 0, format old has entry ".." with wrong deh_state 140744 - expected 4 - fixed

This goes on for ~11MB.

The tail is:

free block count 3306944 mismatches with a correct one 4783644.
on-disk bitmap does not match to the correct one. 1476700 bits differ

With the new reiserfs version, it actually says "fixed", the older version didn't say that (except at the beginning), and I don't think they really fixed anything.

Although those "free block count mismatch/correct" numbers look like they did for all previous runs, this run with the new software said nothing of (something like) "10 ... must be fixed with --rebuild-tree". It still doesn't boot.

On to the "--rebuild-tree" pass. Wish me luck.


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