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Re: [linux-lvm] ERROR "parameter error" setting up snapshot copy on write exception table

Hi again,

Am Montag, 21. Januar 2002 13:10 schrieb Marc Grimme:
> Hi
> --On Montag, Januar 21, 2002 12:46:56 +0100 Emanuel Quass
> <emanuel quass temic com> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I rebooted the server several times (and tried several kernel-versions)
> > but  every time I got the same error!
> > The problem is (afaik see) the snapshot. I think if I can get rid of the
> > snapshot everything will work all right. But I am not able to remove the
> > snapshot because the Volumegroup is not active ......
> I had exactly the same problem and the same thoughts but I really don't
> know how to delete a snapshot of an inactive volumegroup and I couldn't
> find any program that was provided and did the job. Perhaps you can recover
> some old configurations without snapshot with vgcfgrestore and stuff. But
> I'm not really sure if this works cause the problem went away after I
> rebooted the machine and was never to be seen again. And I was happy and
> didn't touch this system again.

I already tried to do so, no result! :-(
vgcfgrestore didn't helpo me out.

> And if vgcfgrestore helps, what if you create a snapshot and then some
> other vgs and lvs and then your snapshot gets corrupt like this, can
> vgcfgrestore help here also?
> So I would say I'm out. :-(
> > Is there a way to remove the snapshot (the volumegroup can't be made
> > active)  without touching the other logical volumes ?
> Would be really interesting to know the answer.

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